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Customer Story

kasturi krishi farm (KKF)

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Bhopal, M.P

Company Size

5,000 employees



About the Company

K.K.F brings organic food products from where they are produced to where they are needed. Our integrated value chain links origination, storage and transportation to activities further down the line, including cleaning, packaging and distributing.

From organic farms to consumer, K.K.F manage production, distribution flows, quality risk and provide transparency across fully integrated end-to-end value chains.

This helps farmers and community of consumers, to puts better food on the shelf, increases sustainability, strengthens global food security and improves diets & immunity.

KASTURI KRISHI FARM ’s operations include buying organic grains and soft seeds from organic farmers, then storing, cleaning, and developing theirs by products, transporting and selling them to domestic and export customers. We also provide risk management and logistics services to our customers.

We KASTURI KRISHI FARM (K.K.F) is a whole new branch of organic farm food producers & suppliers, certified with government agency named as Madhya Pradesh State Organic Certification Agency (M.P.S.O.C.A) .

Product And Labeling

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